In case of supplementary medical insurance most health insurance companies refund energetic treatment fully or partly. It is important to check this with your insurance company beforehand. Energetic treatment is classified as alternative treatment, energetic treatment or natural cure.


First consultation (interview + first treatment) € 70,00
Second and following treatment (1 hour) € 70,00
Second and following treatment (30 minutes € 35,00
On location, costs per kilometer € 00,25
Remote treatmen € 35,00

The consultations are VAT free.

Payment in cash after each treatment (cash dispenser not available yet). On paying you receive a invoice which you can hand in to your health insurance company, provided it is covered by your insurance policy.

Appointments that need to be cancelled: at least 24 hours beforehand.

When they are cancelled shorter than 24 hours beforehand the booked time will be charged.


For information about refunds by health insurance companies click here. NB – List is only in Dutch available and This list is not automatically updated, so no rights can be founded on the information in this list. That’s why it is important to check with your health insurance company first.

Remote treatment is not paid for by health insurance companies!