In my view, life is living-through life, with its beautiful but also with its difficult moments. When things do not go your way, it is a relief when there are people ready to support you. People who help you get through this phase of life, so that after it you are able to continue your path yourself.


This is what I want to do for you and who I want to be for you. For this I want to put into action my knowledge, my talents of an attentive listener, my coaching capabilities and my energetic gifts!

My name is Doré Penninx and I like helping people to improve their quality of life. Looking back I have always – intentionally or unintentionally – helped people at important and often difficult moments in their lives. I was able to support them and help by listening and talking, coaching and encouraging, and applying energetic treatment. The result was that light appeared at the end of the dark tunnel and that they could continue again on their own.

The training that I have received for this: aura healing, reiki (1, 2, and 3) and the 4-year course at “Mens en Intuïtie” (Man and Intuition).